Torah Meet is about loving and serving the Elohim of Israel and about bringing together the written Torah community.

If you are a keeper of the written Torah, you are probably in one of two situations:

  1. You’re involved with a local fellowship.
  2. You’re not involved with a local fellowship.

If you already have a fellowship, remember that others might want to join you.  Consider the needs of your neighbor.  There may be other Torah keepers right next to you that have never met you or heard about your group.  They may believe they are totally alone in their local area, and they may long for being a part of a local community.  This is the reason you need to make your presence known and post about your fellowship on Torah Meet.  It doesn’t matter if you are the organizer or not.  Your fellow Torah keepers, those that have not met you yet, just need a way to get in touch with your group.  Post and subscribe to your post so you will know if someone responds.

If you don’t have a fellowship, check out the section for your area.  You may see existing fellowships and posts from other Torah keepers, or you may not.  Even if you see no one else right now, make your presence known.  This is the only way Torah Meet will succeed at connecting Torah keepers.  Announce your presence in your area so that the next person that comes along will see you and be able to contact you.  Tell us the city or town you want to meet in.  Take initiative and express what you want.  It doesn’t matter whether you are confident in leading or organizing a fellowship.  Just take the first step and make your presence known.

Share to Help Grow the Community.