How to Tame Amargasaurus Titanicus In ARK  


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Amargasaurus Titanicus is a member of the sauropod dinosaur family and has two parallel rows of back spines on its back. Most players choose to buy ARK Items when playing. The thorns are not only for showing off because they help control body temperature and allow Amargasaurus to live comfortably in extremely hot and cold environments.

Amargasaurus Titanicus is easy to tame. That's because it is more prone to violence than other sauropod dinosaurs. However, for those who can tame them, they will also find that the spine is its best feature.

Amargasaurus Titanicus can also be used in combat. The warming/freezing waves from the spikes will affect the armor. It is worth noting that it is more effective for very complex armor. If you are just a casual player, you can buy ARK Wyvern to save tame time.

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