Detailed Introduction For HD Lace Closure Human Hair Wigs  


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With the popularity of human hair wigs, the HD lace closure wigs have been one of the most shinning star products in the wig market. Let me give you a detailed introduction of this kind of HD lace wig.


Advantages of HD Lace Closure Wig

  1. Thin and invisible

The Swiss lace is lighter and more breathable than ordinary lace, soft and delicate, and looks more transparent. It can blend with the scalp more perfectly, making the hairline more invisible.


  1. Real and natural

The HD lace closed wig has baby hair curtains, and some of the foreheads of the wig will be removed in advance, which looks sparse and makes the hairline more natural and beautiful. The closed baby headband with HD lace allows you to have a natural and flawless hairline while protecting your hair from damage.


  1. Healthy and harmless

HD lace closed wig does not require chemical treatment, which can keep your hair healthy and prevent hair from getting tangled together or falling out.


  1. Diversification

HD lace closed wigs can be reshaped and dyed. Of course, it can also be reused, and if the daily maintenance is proper, it can keep in good condition for a long time.


If you like, you can wear it at parties, travels, weddings, and other occasions.


One way to identify the front of the HD lace and the hair block is: the front of the HD lace is used to reproduce the hairline between the ears, and the HD lace closure is used to reproduce the natural separation of the hairline.


Tips For HD Lace Closure Wigs

Maintenance: There is no doubt that maintenance is a key factor in determining the subsequent use of the wig. Generally speaking, if the HD lace wigs are used in the right way, after careful care, it can last at least eight months to a year.


Hair type: If the hair used for sealing is hair waste or no Remy's hair, the wig will be very fragile and easily damaged.


Hair style: Curly lace wig or golden straight HD lace wig requires chemical and steam heat treatment. Although most manufacturers will want to try to reduce the side effects of such treatments, this can still have a permanent adverse effect on hair quality.


HD lace closure, also called HD illusion lace closure weave, they have different lace sizes: 4x4 closure wig, 5x5 closure wig, 6x6 closure wig, and 7x7 closure wig. Because HD lace is transparent, it can help you create a real and natural hairline. If you still don't know the type of wig that suits you best, HD illusion lace closed weave is a very attractive wig. If you usually like makeup, this wig is also a perfect fit. This is especially useful for fair-skinned and dark-skinned women.

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