Main function of pump body  


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Main function of pump body

The pump body is also known as the pump housing. The main function of the pump body is to close the impellers of various pumps and the medium to be transported in a certain space, concentrate the medium discharged from the impellers of the pump to the outlet pipeline, and convert a part of the velocity energy of the medium into the boosting energy, so as to speed up the velocity of the outlet pipeline, and increase the pressure to achieve the purpose of constant flow of water energy at the low place to the high place. The pump body is also a part that bears the medium pressure.

There are three kinds of commonly used pump bodies: volute type double suction centrifugal pump: the shape is very similar to the snail's shell, the volute has different cross-section and gradually expanded flow channel, and the shape and size of the flow channel have a great impact on the flow head of the pump. As shown in Figure 2-7

Pump body with inducer device: the pump body is a rotating body model, and there are several flow channels with inducer structure outside the impeller in the pump body.

Double layer pump body: a cylinder shaped pump body is added outside the general pump body, which is called double layer pump body, This kind of pump body can usually play the role of heat preservation or temperature reduction. For example, when the sewage pump is automatically stirred to deliver high-temperature liquid, if you want to keep the temperature unchanged, you can apply hot water or heat preservation liquid to the outer layer to keep the liquid in the pump body from falling. If you want to reduce the temperature, you can apply cold water to the outer layer to also play the role of temperature reduction.




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