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being continuously flowed out to go into smoke and dust here molestation all the way must almost grasp wildly.They breathe to explode output smoke and dust, each person drive spicy cough not already, and eyes be been smoked by smoke and dust is red, even can not see clearly things.However at after half for hour of after difficulties climb, they finally saw an anterior glow-in-the-dark, knew that oneself finally walks to exit.
A group of persons don't already rejoice with wild joy, they quickly rush and soon come right away entrance to cave.They pull out the bush that holds up entrance to cave and bend the body to run a cave.When as they are re- seeing blue sky white cloud, breathing fresh air, they incredibly have already grown a tearful felling.Because in the time in the cave, that explosion brings of the negative effect is really too terror, almost make them also die at in.However the distress is finally past, they are finally on the hoof to leave that cave, and completed to put out to kill the task of demolishing.In next time in, they will enjoy sweet victory fruit.
A group of people is in the entrance to cave smooth for a while emotion, then just take 7 dreamlike islander qualities to go straight up.They along the rugged path of front just ran about several ten meters and once turned a curved, see anterior vacant land up appeared two huge monster of huge steel of set.
These two set steels huge monster whole body utter darkness, its height attains six meters and below still grows eight machine legs, is like two giant spiders and has a liking for to go to very ferocious terror.This is exactly the spider platform that the Yan flies, he advances to establish under the ambush here, be want to round up all at one fell swoop these armed mens, and the hostage of extrication dreamlike island.
The Ji Mu saw steel spider here, he was one Leng first, right away think of just under the underground detection of that outside skeleton armor, instinctive in his heart of feel far from good.Then see one among those sets steel spider head top suddenly stretch out two machine guns bore, appear two huge gun tubes in bore from the machine gun.
The Ji Mu is greatly terrified, yell 1:"Caution of everyone ……"
However the words that haven't waited Ji Mu to shout an integrity, two dazzling tongue of fires appear in bore from the machine gun, the big caliber bullet shots into these armed mens.Despair in the heart of Ji Mu, the subconscious will avoid being seen, unfortunately his body but fall behind his thinking, a while be shot by the big caliber bullet, become a heap of mince.
The steel spider didn't carry on a warning to immediately open fire, not only is the Ji Mu for leading the way to respond not to come over, be he after death of armed men also too late respond, in succession drive the big caliber bullet of the strong breeze shower sort all shots kill.These two stand 127 of heavy machine gun at artificial intelligence"fantasy" control under, their attacks are very precise, just the attack stand at front of armed men, completely didn't bring any injury to backmost dreamlike islander quality.
But be apart from the entrance to cave just coming out here have already had a distance, these people even if want to send back entrance to caves to be all impossible, the place that can have no bunker at this accepts the wild attack of steel spider.
Just for an instant, at two pretty weigh a wringing of machine gun to kill under, all armed mens are all polished off by the steel spider, just leave 7 be frightenned lie prone on the dreamlike islander quality on the ground.Receive black cloth on their eyes, don't know outside take place what change, can hear gun ring frightenning of empress instinct lie to pour on the ground, the body is continuously to shiver.
After exterminating all armed mens, that set steel spider walked come forward go to, stop in these hostage in fronts.Then the steel spider lift a machine leg, see this machine leg head quickly transform, become one sharp bayonet of chasing.Then this machine leg quickly wield, a while the cordage binding these hostage bodies up row to break.
Then spread a voice of thick Kuang in the speaking trumpet of this steel spider, say in Chinese:"The hostages of dreamlike island, you not the vital part is afraid.I am to accept net up of entrust a task, come to rescue your person.You now safety, you could draw back to receive in the black cloth on the face now plantation shutters."
Those hostages were originally fearing, however hear after this is the person who came to rescue oneself, they just dared to draw back face up receive of black cloth.After waiting until the ray that they adapted to an outside, see oneself in the moment stand two set huge steel spider.But side is all bullet everywhere trace after shooting, those armed mens all are shoot~deaed, however dying the form is a bit wretched, all be beaten mince, there is no the body of the integrity of a cake of organization.


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