Problems And Avoidance Methods Of Human Hair Wigs Beginners  


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Girls who are just beginning to wear human hair wigs may encounter some big and small problems. Don't worry. This article will introduce the problems you often encounter and the ways to avoid them. Let’s have a look now.

1. Not implementing the basics 
It is very important to be aware of the basics you need to follow when starting your wig journey. The glue, elastic bands, and combs are part of the basics that are implemented for a positive experience. Some lace front wigs will require you to use the amount of glue while with the clueless ones, you will need to use the available combs to secure it. And also, don’t forget to use the strap used to adjust the cap size and flatten your hair.

2. Over-plucking your wig
The wig beginners end up in over-plucking their affordable lace wig, which ends up in ripping the lace. When you pluck is uneven, meaning some parts of the wig look as if they have holes in it. To avoid this mistake, we recommend ordering a pre-plucked hairline lace instead of plucking it by yourself

3. Choosing the wrong size 
Choosing the right size is extremely important and you should be careful about this aspect. Choosing a smaller size than you need would leave marks around your head and can also cause headaches. On the other side, choosing a wig bigger than needed may end up feeling too uncomfortable and even slide back, meaning there is a risk of showing your stocking cap.

4. Applying too much glue
It is needless to say that glue is very important in the overall process but too much of it may bring you trouble. This is especially important for beginners as many tend to apply too much glue just to ensure that it won’t slide off. Different wigs have different directions, it is important to follow the direction of the glue you use.

5. Leaving your underneath hair fluffy
It is crucial that you take care of your natural hair and ensure that it is in harmony with the wig. If you don’t flatten it enough, it will be visible even under the wig and may even look as if you have road bumps on top of your head. This being said, you need to get used to this habit and take into consideration how your own hair could affect the wig you are using.

6. Cutting too much lace off 
Cutting your lace wigs is pretty simple, but it is important to also have the tools. Tools like clips, wig head and measuring tape could be your best bet. It is important that cutting too much lace cannot be fixed hence you would need to pay great attention to this detail. When you need to do it, cut the lace carefully and ensure that you do not cut the lace with single knots along the hairline.

7. Over-drying or over-bleaching
Just like with our own natural hair, bleaching and over-drying can cause the hair to fall. Both these processes make the hair knots fragile, meaning you may lose quite a bit of it. It is best to use products that contain protein before and after the bleaching process. Avoiding this mistake could literally save your wig from getting wasted.

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