Rocket League is a common question for those trying to dominate  


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The Rocket League Momentum Series items will cycle into Rocket League Trading the game through blueprints as well as individual items in the Item Shop. The new collection adds in more than a dozen new items, including the Peregrine TT, the Huntress Decal for Fennec, and the Interstellar Animated Decal.

However, there’s one item in particular that you’ll probably notice other players begin to use more and more. I doubt that you’ll be able to enter a match soon and avoid it. That item is the Gravity Bomb Goal Explosion. When you score a goal in Rocket League, you usually get blown away from it in a celebratory explosion. With Gravity Bomb, however, you’ll instead be sucked into that explosion. This will no doubt make for some very messy pileups after certain players score a goal.

How to get 1,000 points in Rocket League is a common question for LOLGA those trying to dominate the game. With many players looking to set a their own personal records as Season 2 of Rocket League winds down, we've got the scoring you'd need in order to eclipse 1000 points in a match. Be aware, although it's difficult to eclipse the 1000 point margin, especially if you're playing in Competitive matches.


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