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The purpose of Torah Meet is to connect those who care about the written Torah, not to divide.  Please be considerate of your brethren.  Don't harass.  Avoid personal attacks.  If there is a need to correct someone (Leviticus 19:17), feel free to do so in a considerate way.

Take note of Exodus 23:13 and please do not mention names of other elohim.

Try to keep debates isolated to the scripture discussion or off-topic sections.

This is a public forum.  Be conscientious of the information you post publicly.

Do not use private messages to hassle people, spam, cyber-beg, or advertise your website.

Users seemingly engaged in deceit, including but not limited to extortion by pretending to be a Torah keeper in need, will be banned.

If the situation calls for it, the moderators may delete posts or ban users at their discretion.

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