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1. If you have a congregation or fellowship: Make your presence known.

If you already meet with a fellowship or you know a local network of Torah keepers, there may be others in your area that don't know about you and want to join you. Make your presence known. It doesn't matter whether you host it or just attend it, the point is to open the door so THAT person can contact you. Make your presence known.  Register, scroll down to your location, click "Fellowships and Congregations", and post. Let us know the city or the area that your group is in, and tell people how to get in touch with you. If they respond to the post or send you a message, you'll get an email. There are probably people out there that need a community, that want to join you, they just need to know you exist.

2. If you are an individual, and you don't have a fellowship: Make your presence known.

If you aren't meeting with a fellowship, make your presence known. Go on TorahMeet.com, register, scroll down to your location, and post. Tell us the area that you're in, let us know what you're looking for. There may already be fellowships in your area that you just don't know about yet, and people just need to know that you're there. Or maybe there aren't any fellowships in your area yet, but there's probably someone nearby that you can connect with. And even if you aren't sure if you would want to meet with people or to organize anything, think of it this way. This might seem counter-intuitive, but don't do it for yourself. If you don't know whether you want to meet with anyone, post anyway. Make your presence known, because it will encourage other people. You may not be concerned about it for yourself, but there will be other Torah keepers that go on TorahMeet.com and see that you posted, people that know what they want and they know that they need this, and because they see that you made your presence known, it will encourage them to do likewise. It will encourage them to believe that something can come from this, if you are willing to take that initiative.

3. Spread the word to the Torah Keepers you know, and encourage them to make their presence known and to encourage those they know to make their presence known.

After you have let people know that you exist and/or that your fellowship exists, and you have opened the door for people to connect with you, I invite you to share this with the Torah keepers you know and encourage them to make their presence known. This is how we can make a closer community. If we spread the word and encourage each other, we can combine our individual connections.   We can bring people together that didn't even know about each other before. You are the key to this. If you don't know anyone in your local area, you probably know someone that is a Torah keeper in some other area, and you can encourage them to make their presence known and to share with their associates. And if you do have a fellowship, if you do know people in your area, encourage each of them individually to do likewise. Because each of them might know one person here, and one person there, and if we work together on this, we can make that connection take place, because you are willing to take the initiative and share it with the people you know and encourage them to do the same.

The people that you are close with, the people you talk with on a personal level, please tell them about this and why you believe in it, encourage them to make their presence known and to encourage the people they know to make their presence known.

You can post the videos about Torah Meet on Facebook, on Twitter, on your website, on your wall or in discussion groups you are in. However, not everyone watches videos, so consider posting a link to TorahMeet.com and telling people why it matters, or consider going on the Torah Meet Facebook page and share some of the pictures on there. Or you might also think of other ways you can get the word out, if this is something that you believe can help people.

Doing these three things, making your presence known, making your group's presence known, and sharing it with others so that they will make their presence known, this is the way we can work together to get TorahMeet.com to grow into something big, to grow into something meaningful. To connect the people that care about the written Torah, to connect them together on the local level. To encourage people to stay on right path and to open opportunities for people to find the right path, the truth of His Torah. We can do this if we work together. If you choose to help.


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