Hair types of a blonde lace wig  


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Blonde hair wig has been one of the prevalent items in the fashion circles because of its unique colors and style. A blonde hair wig would be the must-have for wig lovers and always makes the wearer energetic and shining. There is a variety of different blonde hair wigs available in the market to cater to the demand, such as honey blonde, platinum blonde, and strawberry blonde. Today the blonde hair wig 613 color hair wig will be discussed here. The number 613 is actually a reference to the color code of the blonde hair.

What is a blonde lace front wig?
We collect the virgin human hair from people who naturally have this healthy blonde hair and sew this hair into a piece of Swiss lace in the size of 13 inches long by 4 inches wide and a wig cap. In this process of customization, there is no chemical to damage the hair, and the original state would remain. Blonde lace frontal wig with transparent lace matches all kinds of complexions and displays real vibes. The knots have been bleached already and the hairline has been plucked slightly as well, which is effortless for wearers to achieve the natural edges.
After being aware of the blonde hair wig, the hair types of it will be presented. According to the lace area in the wig, they can be classified as the lace frontal wig, lace closure wig, and full lace wig respectively. Since we have explained the 13x4 blonde hair lace frontal wig in the above content, we will move on to the part of the lace closure wig. There are 3 common types including 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 blonde lace closure wigs, and the Swiss transparent lace area is in the size of 4 inches long by 4 inches wide. Here is the inside construction of blonde hair lace closure wigs for your reference.
Besides, if you want to try a blonde high ponytail, the 613 color full lace front wig will be the ideal option. With a full lace wig, you are able to enjoy various styling. It allows you to braid the hair, and make a high bun to fit different occasions.
All types of lace wigs in the texture of straight, body wave is available now, the natural wave is merely available for 13x4 lace frontal wig. The hot-selling belongs to the 613 13x4 lace frontal wig and 4x4 lace closure wig, and they come in various hair lengths that suit your shape very well. 
The advantages of blonde lace front wigs
There are several advantages that can be mentioned about the 613 blonde hair wigs. Some of the most important aspects of this wig with color 27 are given in below:
1.Versatility Given that its origin is natural, it can be easily styled in any way that the wearer desires. This includes everything from simple curls to complicated designs.
2.Lightweight The wig is very light on the scalp, which allows for it to be worn without having to feel heavy or any kind of discomfort.
3.Easy to dye One of the merits of 613 hair wigs is to dye easily. The light color of the base allows for the color of the dye to stand out brilliantly. You can dye the color you desired to achieve the exact look without damaging your own hair.
4.Various cap size There are small, medium, and large-cap size which fulfil different head circumference best. You won’t feel bad or uncomfortable while wearing the right size wig.
How to a get blonde lace front wig?

Would like to try the blonde lace wig and be a stunning blondie? Browse the West Kiss Hair website and find the premium quality & cost-effective blonde virgin human hair lace wigs. I bet there will have the most impressive experience ever after you wearing the best blonde hair wig.


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