How Well The Hd Lace Wig is Looked After Style?  


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Typical HD Lace Wigs Recommendations
Below all different types of HD lace wigs are avialable with different beautiful hairstyles, including straight hair, body wave hair, water wave hair, curly hair, loose deep wave hair, deep wave hair, etc. Different hair textures can show different feelings. People can choose their preferences freely in West Kiss Hair.
The most important one is that HD lace wigs are on sale. Both old and new customers can get an extra $30 discount on HD lace wigs with code “HDWIG”.
HD 5x5 & 6x6 Lace Closure Wigs
5x5 and 6x6 are two lace sizes of wigs with closure. Every lace closure wig has a lace closure with the same width and depth. Althougth the width of a lace closure is limited, lace closure wigs are easy to install, no need to take long, only a few minutes is enough. Beginners or people who want to save time on installing can consider choosing these two kinds of lace closure wigs. Their prices are also competitive and affordable.
HD 13x4 & 13x6 Lace Frontal Wigs
Different from HD lace closure wigs. These two cheap lace front wigs both have 13 inches wide lace frontals. Every lace frontal can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear. People can easier to have a complete, real hairline. Getting a natural wig look is also easier. 
How Well The Hd Lace Wig is Looked After Style?
Frequency Of Hd Wig Wear
Like anything else in life, the more you wear and use your 100% human hair HD lace wig, the faster it will wear out.
Overall Maintenance Wig Care
The more you wash it and style it, the faster the life of the honey blonde lace front wigs will be ended. The more frequently you wear a wig, the fast it will wear out. That’s the truth, plain and simple. 
Most people who wear 100% human hair wigs will buy multiple wigs in either the same color and styles or the same color or different styles. It can help you extend the life of each wig by alternating the wear of each version on different days.
They provide a more natural look
This is one of the reasons why you should choose the HD lace wig. This wig offers wearers a more natural look compared to other standard wigs. The hair strands in HD lace wigs are securely attached to the wig cap. This almost makes it invisible unless someone takes a closer look.  When you wear your HD lace wigs, people will not even realize that you are wearing a wig.
HD lace wigs are already pre-plucked
Unlike most types of regular wigs in the market, HD lace wigs come with a natural hairline since the baby hairs have been pre-plucked already. So if you wear an HD lace wig, it will appear as if the hairline is actually your own. Of course, that’s one of the best things about these wigs. This will make the work easier for you because plucking the wig can be time-consuming and hectic.
Style versatility
When you are out there looking for a wig, you need to select a wig that offers style versatility. You should be able to style your wig in different ways according to your taste and mood. You can easily achieve this wig HD lace wigs. With HD lace wigs, you can part it anyhow and anywhere without worrying that it may end up looking unnatural. You can style your wig into a bun, make a ponytail, lay it, weave it, or make a cornrow. With HD lace wigs, you are free to do anything you want to do.
Taking care of an HD lace wig
The key to making the wig great is to take proper care of it. Here are some tips to maintaining an HD lace wig:
Avoid extreme heat: Keep in mind to store the wig away from places which have extreme heat such as heating vents or fire. Just like when exposing your hair to heat, the hair on the wig will suffer irreparable damage when exposed to extreme heat. We also recommend you to not use blow dryers or curling irons on your wigs too often.
Comb regularly and gently: Combing your hair regularly helps you in avoiding knots and gives you smoother hair as a result. But when talking of HD lace wigs, you want to comb the hair gently. This will help in reducing hair breakage. We recommend you try combing from the lower section of the hair and move upwards. 
This is the best way to avoid breakage.
How to wash your wig: Here is a tip for any kind of hair.Warm water helps in opening the pores in the hair and washing away the dirt thoroughly. The cold water helps close the pores to avoid breakage after the hair wash is complete. The same goes for an HD lace wig. Instead of washing the wig by keeping it on a mannequin, soak the wig in cold water. Then take a spray bottle and mix a teaspoon of shampoo in lukewarm water. Spray this water on the wig after taking it out of the cold water. Spread out the shampoo through the hair with a wide-toothed comb. Rinse the wig with cold water.
Conditioning is also important: After washing the wig, keep in mind conditioning as well. Conditioning gives a smooth finish to your hair, resulting in soft hair. Take a tablespoon of conditioner and mix it with water in a spray bottle. Repeat the process of applying the conditioner and spreading it and rinsing with cold water like mentioned in the above. Pat dry with a towel and let it air dry on a mannequin.
How To Care HD Lace Wigs?
Before you begin washing the HD lace wigs, make sure all glue residues have been removed.Use a comb designed for wig and a wide-tooth comb to brush curly hair. Gently brush hairs from the bottom to minimize shedding.
Use lukewarm or cold water to wash your HD lace wig.
Apply the hair conditioner and remember not to add conditioner on the root of the wig. Leave it 3-4 minutes and continue rinsing with water.
Pat dry the wig with a clean towel. Put your wig on a stand or mannequin head and let the hair air dry.


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