The Changes Of Human Hair Lace Wigs In Market Since Covid-19  


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Human hair wigs vs synthetic hair wigs:
There are four kinds of human hair wigs in the market, human hair lace front wigs, full lace human hair wigs, human hair u part wig and headband wigs human hair. This classification method is depending on the lace area. Among all of them, human hair lace front wigs with baby hair and full lace human hair wigs with baby hair are the common choice for women.
Synthetic wigs have been manufactured in different shapes, curly, straight, big curls, colored, etc. The fibres or nylon of synthetic wigs can persistent maintenance the curls, waves, and hair volume even washed the wig for many times. You only need to slightly comb your hair, then the hair will recover to the original shape, easy to handle. 
Human hair wigs are by far the superior choice if the quality is the only factor. Other than price, the main drawback to human hair is required maintenance -- as with natural hair, it requires effort. For many, daily styling is actually preferable as it allows for more control over the appearance as well as a sense of normalcy that can come with the daily hair styling ritual. Keep in mind that human hair does not come out of the box ready to wear. You may choose to have it customized by a professional stylist to get exactly the look you like.
The disadvantage of human hair wigs:
Styling: Human hair wigs are labour-intensive. They take skill and effort to style. Always consult a stylist before attempting to style a human hair wig on your own.
Upkeep: Like with natural hair, these wigs need to be washed, deep-conditioned and re-styled regularly to maintain their natural lustre.
Weight: Human hair wigs typically feel heavier than synthetic or heat-friendly synthetic wigs of the same style and length.
Cost: Because they’re made from real human hair, these wigs can be significantly more expensive.
Delicate: Human hair wigs incur damage from brushing, teasing, backcombing, washing and using heated styling tools. Ask yourself before you restyle your human hair wig, is it too soon to do this yet? (Because you know that it’s delicate...)
Colour-matching: It’s almost impossible to replicate an exact color match with human hair wigs, even when you’re trying to purchase a backup of the same wig.
Weather Dependency: Like your natural hair, human hair wigs become frizzy, limp, or dry depending on the weather.
Last year, the Covid-19 developed quickly and was occurring with a stunning speed and sweep. As people would have no natural immunity, this new influenza virus could cause widespread death, illness, social and economic disruption. Inevitably there are also some changes in lace wigs in the market since Covid-19.
1.The Changes Of Lace Wigs In Market Since Covid-19
The largest producer of Swiss lace - North Korea has slapped a ban on the export of lace products because of the Covid-19. Many hair wigs factories have to begin to produce lace products in the domestic. So there are also some changes in the manufacturing technic of human hair lace wigs.
1)The Increased Prices.
Producing lace products in the domestic takes more time and costly. 
2)Lace Area Become Smaller Than Before
Because production becomes more costly and slow, many factories stop producing large areas of lace products, like full lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, 370 wigs and closure wigs. These lace wigs will stop being produced after being out of stock. That is why some customers said that they found 13x6 lace frontal wigs are not the same as before. Because there are also some changes of 13x6 lace frontal wigs: the areas of 13x6 lace frontals become smaller, the sides of 13x6 lace frontals also become narrow. This article will give you a better understanding of new 13x6 lace frontal wigs.
3)Some Hair Length Of Lace Wigs Are Out Of Stocks
Besides, some hair lengths of lace wigs are out of stock now. Like the short length of lace closures and lace frontals. Fewer people buy them, they are no longer produced in the domestic. There are no lace wigs in 8 inches anymore. In the wig market, the shortest hair length of lace wigs is 14 inches or 16 inches now.
4)Knots Are Bigger Than Before
Due to different lace production, the hair knots made in China are bigger than the hair knots made in South Korea. The hair knots are big because they are all double knots. Hairs are tight with the lace to avoid falling out easily. Some people who don’t like big knots can find some professional stylists to help bleach the knots. Or use some powders or foundations to make up when installing.
5)The Stocks Of 613 Blonde Hair Products Are Getting Low
Compared to natural black hair products, 613 blonde lace hair products are more difficult to make. After bleaching several times, 613 blonde hair will be too thin and too soft to tie to the lace. The working time is longer and the working intensity is higher in 613 blonde hair production. Some factories even don’t want to produce them anymore. 613 hair products are understocked now, the prices are also expensive than common natural black hair products.
6)HD Lace Is Not As High-Definition As Before
For the same reason, high-definition laces are ultra-thin, ultra-soft. Hairs are not easy to tie to the HD laces. HD lace wigs are hard to process and a long production term. Many factories choose to use other HD laces to produce HD lace wigs. These HD laces are not the same as before, they are more like transparent laces, but more transparent, better than transparent laces.
7)The Versatility Of Lace Colors
There were different lace colors before, like medium brown lace, light brown lace, transparent lace, etc. But these lace colors can not be available to each size of lace wigs now. Lace colors are versatile, they may vary from lot to lot. If a customer wants a certain lace color, he needs to communicate with the sellers in advance.
How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last?
Human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel. And while they can be the more expensive pick, with the proper care, they are also more durable. Human hair wigs can last between 1 and 3 years. They are remarkably soft with a shine and movement that is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair. 
There are generally four basic types of human hair used in wigs: Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European/Caucasian. The majority of wigs are made from Asian hair. Chinese hair has a thicker denier (unit of fineness) which results in the hair being extremely straight. It is a bit more resistant to curl and can therefore be harder to style. Indonesian hair is found in greater supply and is less costly -- it can often be found in ethnic style wigs. Indian hair has a thinner denier close to that of European hair but with a bit more texture. European hair is the most sought after for its fine denier but due to its increasingly limited supply in the marketplace, it is more expensive.
The origin of the hair is not the only factor, however. The processing technique is directly related to the strength and quality of the end-product. The chemicals needed, to sanitize and strip away the original color to produce different curl patterns and colors, are very strong and can affect the integrity of the hair depending on the method used. When a higher quality of chemicals and a more artful approach to processing is used, the results are higher quality products and thus higher prices.
Remy human hair is considered a premium option. Hair follicles are kept running in the same direction when collecting and crafting the wig or hairpiece. With cuticles all running in the same direction, tangling is greatly reduced and hair looks and feels silkier. Beware imposters with the suspiciously low-priced product – on you’ll only find high-grade Remy hair.
It is extremely important to use care products specifically formulated for highly processed human hair. Also, keep in mind that wearable hair does not benefit from naturally occurring oils from the scalp. It is important to hydrate and condition hair daily.
Synthetic Hair Wigs:
The most appealing aspect of synthetic hair is it can often be worn right out of the box with little or no styling. The fibre used has "memory" for wave, curl and volume which lets hair bounce back into place with minimal effort -- the curl pattern is permanently set. It can even hold up in bad weather and can guarantee no drooping or frizzing.
However, what synthetic hair offers in ease, it lacks in versatility. It cannot be styled to look many different ways like its human hair counterparts. Only special Heat Friendly synthetic hair is heat styleable to change the curl pattern. Keep in mind, even the heat friendly fibre can be difficult to style as synthetic fiber is more resistant to change. Synthetic hair is also less durable than a human hair. With proper care, you can expect synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces to last about 4-6 months – heat-friendly synthetic hair 2- 3 months. It is important to follow our care recommendations in order to get the optimal life span from your hair!
As a matter of fact, with some of the higher quality synthetic pieces, you would never know they were not natural human hair if you didn’t have the human hair right next to it to compare!
The disadvantage of synthetic hair wigs:
Lack of Flexibility: DO 👏 NOT 👏 RECOLOR 👏 SYNTHETIC 👏 WIGS. Traditional hair dyes won’t adhere to the fibres, and the heat from the chemicals will melt the wig. Not a good look.
Shininess: Low-cost synthetic wigs, usual wigs under $100, can develop an inhuman shine.
Less Versatility: Synthetic wigs can’t be heat styled or worn while baking brownies (or cookies, or cakes, or anything…)
Longevity: Synthetic wigs don’t last as long as their human hair counterparts, typically only four to six months.
2.What Can People Do During Covid-19?
Based upon the conditions described above, believe most people note why the hair wigs they received this year are not the same as before. Covid-19 brings a great influence on the hair wigs market. Everyone needs to try to embrace changes in lace wigs during Covid-19. Together people should cooperate to cope with the Covid-19 tidal wave sweeping the world. Everything will be fine, and the prices of lace wigs will be affordable again until the Covid-19 ends.


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