Tips of Protecting Own Human Hair  


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Be tired of a changeless hairstyle every day? Want to make some change but afraid to damage natural hair? Wigs meet all the hair fantasy. You can do many experiments with your hair by using a wig and let natural hair take a rest on vacation.

But the primary requirement is to take care of your natural hair, or our hair would be suffocating beneath the wig. Although wigs give us the freedom to leave home at any time, ignore the hair under the wigs is a big mistake, it will cost a lot in terms of hair damage. So, here we come up with a handful of tricks and tips to keep your hair as healthy and shiny as they were before wearing a wig.

1.Care for your scalp:

Due to wearing a wig on the head, blood flow towards the scalp and hair follicles get obstructed. If you wear a tight wig, it may get stretch out into the hair broken or damaged. Therefore it's vital to keep your scalp moist and conditioned. You'd better massage scalp with good oil
whenever you don't wear a wig.

2. Never be mean to the hair conditioner:

Never ignore natural hair while taking care of the wig. Stringently follow the hair care routine. Never skip regular shampooing of original hair plus keep the habit of using a high-quality conditioner periodically. We may feel troublesome to wash hair, but it's necessary to clean hair and scalp's dirt, excessive oil, and bacterial.

3.Using bonnet wrap:

There should always be a barrier between hair and the wig so to act as the protective layer. We suggest the silk material instead of cotton or
nylon because it will not steal moisture from hair.

4.Keep hair dry:

It should be 100% guarantee that hair is thoroughly dry and conditioned before wearing a wig. If the hair beneath the wig is wet, it will lead to the growth of germs. Sometimes the growth of mildew can be observed in some cases.

5.Never sleep with a wig:

After wearing a wig, your scalp cannot breathe. It is a bad habit to wear a wig when sleeping. It might suffocate your scalp and hair follicles.
Meanwhile, the tight wig might be damage your hair follicles as well as hair strands. Take off the wig and apply a water-based moisturizer at the end of hair strands.

6.Making cornrows or braids:

Before hiding or protecting hair under the wig, making sure natural hair is made into braids or cornrows, it's an important step in installing a
wig because it will keep the wig in the proper position all the time.

7.Purchase a correct size wig:

As we stated in the previous paragraph, a tight wig will obstruct the breathing of hair shafts and scalp, it may cause shedding and hair broken.

8.Select cap breathable wig:

The breathable material cap wig allows air through your hair. Don't be hesitate to pick up the wig. They pose rare chances for shedding and
causing hair to thin due to air circulation.
Some wigs can be considered, such as a lace frontal wig, lace closure wig, and full lace wig.

9.Learn to use the wig's adjustable strap

Aiming to make the wig look more natural and realistic or flat, users tighten the wig strap too tight that it won’t let your scalp breathe also poses a headache. In such cases, please lose the wig's strap to fix the wig at the proper place, the clips are helpful when you adjust the wig.

10.Be careful when using the combs:

Be very careful while running the comb through your hair. Instead of applying extra force after jamming in hair, try to smooth it with little extra care. Be careful and gentle about how you insert your comb into your hair. You can give a bit of extra massage to places where you comb regularly. This will stimulate the hair follicle and prevent premature hair damage.

So, these are few tips that will make your wig-wearing experience very joyful and you can thoroughly enjoy your new stylish look provided to you by your blonde ombre wig without the worry of damaging natural hair. Then you are ready to mesmerize the world with your charm.

If you still want some information regarding hd closure wig styling or hair care, please feel free to contact WestKiss. We promise you will never go disappointed.

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