What Is An HD Lace Wig and transparent lace wig?  


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What Is An HD Lace Front Wig?

The HD invisible lace frontal also blends perfectly with your skin tone, making the hairline utterly undetectable to the naked eye. Both the HD lace wig and the transparent lace wigs can be easily dyed, bleached, or colored to match your scalp skin tone. However, you don't have to won't worry about changing the wigs color to blend well with your scalp as the transparent HD lace wig blends well perfectly.

HD lace frontal wigs are different from the above regular Swiss lace wigs. HD lace frontal is the upgraded version of regular Swiss laces. Updated HD lace wigs are thinner, softer, more undetectable, more breathable, more comfortable that are cooler in summer. Every hair of an HD lace wig looks like grows from a human’s scalp. Sometimes, people even can not recognize that you are wearing a hair wig. HD lace frontal wigs can offer people a real, natural appearance. Besides, HD laces can melt into all skin colors perfectly. No matter you are a dark-skinned or a light-skinned person.

HD lace frontal wigs have both advantages and disadvantages. The HD laces are ultra-thin than regular Swiss laces which means it is more fragile. People need to take more energy or time to care for HD lace front wigs. The higher lace quality of HD laces also leads to more expensive prices. Don’t worry, we have a special discount for HD lace wigs now in West Kiss Hair. Buy an HD lace wig, people can get an extra 8% off with code "HDWIG".

What Is A Transparent Lace Frontal Wig?

A transparent lace frontal wig is similar to a medium brown straight wig human hair. They are both regular Swiss lace wigs. The biggest difference between these two regular Swiss lace wigs is the lace color. Compared to medium brown lace wigs, transparent lace wigs are more suitable for light-skinned people.

A transparent lace front wig means a wig sewn in a lace frontal with 3 or 4 bundles of weave hair. It uses a transparent lace that is undetectable and invisible lace.

What Is A Medium Brown Lace Wig?

The brown lace front human hair wig is made of a piece of 13x4 inches brown color lace frontal and half machine-made wig cap. The brown color includes dark brown, medium brown, and light brown. In the market, the most popular brown color lace front wig is the medium brown color lace front human hair wig. Here is a picture that can show the color difference of the transparent lace front human hair wig and the medium brown color lace front human hair wig in the eyes.

The medium brown lace wig is one kind of regular Swiss lace wig. Medium brown is the color of a Swiss 613 frontal wig which is suitable for dark-skinned people. There's a big market today in medium brown lace wigs for dark-skinned people.

Transparent lace wigs vs medium brown lace wigs:

The biggest difference between the two lace is the lace color. The lace color of the transparent lace wig is transparent, undetectable and invisible. The lace color of the medium brown lace front wig is medium brown, which is darker than the transparent lace frontal wig.

The only difference is the lace color in the forehead. Medium brown human hair water wave lace wig which the lace color is the medium brown. The medium brown lace front wig is made of brown lace front with a half-machine wig cap. The lace which is lace wigs, mainly has a light brown color, medium brown color, or dark brown lace color. You can choose the lace color according to your skin color.

Transparent Lace Frontal Wig VS HD Lace Frontal Wig

Despite both the transparent lace and the HD human hair wig creating a natural, undetectable hairline, the HD lace wig is much closer to the skin compared to the transparent lace wig.

The HD lace frontal wig is thinner, blends perfectly with the scalp making it appear natural while making the hairline invisible to the naked eye thanks to its lighter and softer lace, unlike the transparent lace wig.

HD lace frontal wig is less itchy and has a less irritating feeling when won for a long duration as compared to the regular transparent lace wig.


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