Which type of wig hair is best?  


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 Too many choices, too many nice hair textures. Including straight hair, body wave hair, curly hair, water wave hair, loose deep wave hair, deep wave hair, etc. Suppliers prepared a great variety of hair wigs to satisfy the needs of consumers. The array of choices is also stunning. It's hard for most customers to choose the right one.  The hairstyle that is the easiest to match skin melt and looks more natural- straight human hair wigs. Next, below are the top three straight wigs in West Kiss Hair. I will introduce them one by one for your references, please kindly read on.

1. Straight Lace Front Wigs
Firstly, I have to commend a high-cost performance wig type of lace wigs - cheap lace front wigs. According to different lace sizes, there are different types of lace wigs. Including lace front wigs, lace closure wig,  cheap full lace wig, 360 lace wigs, etc. Lace front wigs are the most popular of all these lace wigs. Then I will
list some advantages of lace front wigs as below:
1) Natural And Complete Hairline
Every lace front wig has a 13 inches wide lace frontal that can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear.
In this way, people can get a complete hairline, a more natural and real wig look. It also can help you to create the best styling result.
2) Comfortable And Breathable
Compared to regular hair wigs without lace or lace closure wigs, lace front wigs have greater lace areas.
Customers will feel more comfortable and breathable after wearing them. It is tight and busy for modern people to work and live. So it is important for them to feel peace and ease while wearing a wig. A straight lace front wig can be a good choice.
3) Easy To Restyle
Lace front wigs not just only have one colour or one texture. You can restyle them by yourself at home fast
and easily.
2. Straight HD Lace Front Wigs
All the lace wigs in West Kiss Hair are made of high-quality Swiss laces. Next, I will introduce an upgraded version of Swiss lace - HD lace. HD lace is a high definition lace that is more transparent, lighter, thinner than regular Swiss lace. An HD lace front wig can melt into all skin colours perfectly. The HD lace will take you to the new height, wear your HD wig confidently without the fear of having your lace shown.
Besides, all HD lace wigs have an extra 8% off now with code “HDWIG”. Come and get one.
3. Long Straight Hair Wigs
Different hair lengths reflect different feelings. For example, long straight hair wigs always make a woman look charming and mature. I always find girls with long hair is gorgeous. It takes a long time to grow hair.
Especially from short hair to long hair middle of the process to raise the most difficult. Getting a long straight for yourself is easier and more convenient.
4. Why Choose Straight Wigs?
1) Classic Look
Straight hair is a regular hairstyle, but it is also the most classic one. The advantage of a classic is that it never goes out of date. And straight hair wigs are suitable for all ages, no matter you are a young girl or a mature woman.
2) Easy To Maintain
Compared to other wavy hair wigs, straight hair wigs don’t have any curls and waves. So they are always not easy to get tangled and also are easier to maintain. Straight hair wigs offer convenience for people.
5. Where To Buy Straight Wigs?

If you want to have a perfect straight wig, it is important to find a reliable supplier. West Kiss Hair can be a great choice. It is a hair company with over ten years of experience in hair products. The sophistication of the equipment, the skills of the workers, and the quality of the output are all admirable. Welcome to our official website to find a perfect straight wig.



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