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Here in the Middle Tennessee/Nashville area we have a small community which meets on Shabbat for Torah study. We’ve been doing so since July 2016. We are all students, no leaders or teachers, so no egos and no control. We just come together, study and discuss the weekly portion, eat and laugh a lot. We really dig in deep and everyone has learned a lot just from sharing their perspectives and listening to others’

We currently use Meetup.com to schedule our studies. You can find us there if you are in our area and looking for a good community.

We are not Messianic or Hebrew Roots, but we do have members who meet with us on Shabbat who would fall into those categories. The study was started by people who were more of a Karaite Jewish sort of mindset, (albeit not “officially” Jewish), and some of us, myself included, have adopted more of a Torah-only viewpoint after a lot of study. We all get along great despite having some differing viewpoints.


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