How To Care For a 4x4 Lace Closure  


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A lace closure is the first choice for women who like simple hairstyles. There are many sizes and types of lace closures available on the market, such as 4x4 Lace Wig, 5x5 lace closure, 6x6 lace closure, and 7x7 lace closure. Choose the lace closure that suits you. In various sizes of lace closure, 4x4 lace closure is often mentioned. Because the flexibility and versatility of 4x4 lace closure make it suitable for almost all types of hair, it can meet most of the needs of users. So, what do you know about 4x4 Closure Wig ? Today, we will share some things about 4x4 lace closure to help you learn more about it.

What Is A 4x4 Lace Closure?
4x4 lace closure is hairpieces where hair strands are tied on a beige or dark brown lace. 4x4 Lace Closure Wig suggests the dimension of lace is 4×4 inches, this component of hair were stitched on the lace hand by hand. 4x4 lace closure is around the temple to temple size and put in the middle, its 4 inches long and 4 inches wide, like a perfect square.

4x4 lace closure offers three styling options including the middle part, free part, and three-part. Three-part closures allow you to part the hair in three different ways while the middle part closures only give you one style option. 4x4 closure wig allows freestyle parting which means it can be parted and styled in any matter.

How To Care For A 4x4 Lace Closure?
Regularly wash and deep care lace closure.
Start by gently combing the 4x4 lace closure wigs with your fingers or a broad comb to remove tangles.

When washing, add a mild shampoo in cold water, then wash the 4x4 lace closure.

After washing, apply argan oil to the soft 4x4 lace closure. 4x4 lace closure is naturally dry. Avoid using too much heat, but if time is tight, you can choose to blow dry 4x4 lace closure with low power. The most important tip is to let the 4x4 lace closure dry completely.

To prevent the 4x4 lace closure from getting frizzy, be sure to tie a satin scarf over your head at night. The pillow is too abrasive, so satin will provide a smooth barrier for your 4x4 lace closure. Finally, store the 4x4 lace closure properly, preferably in a closed box, bag, or hanging on a hanger. Avoid rubbing with other objects during storage.

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