Care Tips For Your Human Hair Wigs  


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The wig must be inseparable from care, how to care to make it play a maximum role and maintain good use effect, I put forward four tips in this article, hoping to help you.


1. Treat it like your own hair

Just like your own hair, you need to treat your lace wig with love and care that it lasts longer and maintains its advantages. Virgin hair will last longer due to the fact that they have never been colored before.


2. Quality over price

When it comes to buying virgin hair, you should see it as an investment. The high-quality ones are a bit more expensive than the weave next door, but it is worth every penny. By spending a few more bucks on your virgin hair, you get a higher quality that will eventually last longer making you win in the long run.


3. High-quality care products

As we mentioned before, because virgin hair is of high quality, that should be matched with high quality care products too. Good quality shampoo, conditioner and treatments should be part of the routine. And always remember, your virgin lace wig is as important as your own hence it is important to effort into it.


4. Washing, conditioning and moisturizing

Just like your own hair, washing, conditioning and moisturizing is part of the routine. Excess washing and conditioning can make your products lose their shine and the same happens when you don't wash it enough either.


Experts recommend washing your hair two to three times during the week and once per weekend. Conditioning and moisturizing it will also keep your hair very soft and shiny. This part is extremely important as our own hair gets its ingredients from the scalp, while the virgin HD lace wig does not. This is why moisturizing is important and ensures you maintain your hair’s shiness.


Of course, the most important thing is the quality of the wig itself. Where can you buy high-quality human hair wigs? I recommend that you go to Wet Kiss Hair, an online shop with its own wig production factory, selling all kinds of affordable lace wig products, such as the popular human hair headband wigs, cheap lace front wigs, and u part wigs. You can get discount codes from West Kiss Hair Coupons and buy them, which is very reliable.


At West Kiss, the happiness and satisfaction of the customers with our 100% human hair is always at the top of our policy list. We pride ourselves on customer service and being there with the customer every step of the way, from the time before purchase hair products, through its delivery, and after-sale.


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