How Do You Put On A 360 Lace Wig  


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360 Hd Lace Frontal Wig is currently a hot topic on the market. Many beginners are interested in how to install 360 lace wigs. Next, we will learn the general steps of 360 lace wigs with this question. I believe that with a general idea, it will be easier to install 360 wigs.


The HD 360 Lace Wigs surrounds the hairline of the entire head. There is a circle without lace in the middle. No one can guess that you are wearing a 360 wig! The 360-degree lace wig with transparent lace looks more natural. You can also use many methods to design the 360-lace wig. The traditional lace front wig is no longer able to meet our needs. Now we are launching the 360 HD Lace Wig Human Hair to satisfy women as much as possible. Styling needs.


How to install 360 lace wig


Step 1: Preparation

Prepare all sewing tools and supplies. After that, you can bleach or wash your Curly 360 Lace Wig, bleach the knots into a natural color, or dye the hair according to personal preference.

Step 2: Knitting and stitching

Stitch with a basic straight back knit pattern. Put the 360-degree lace wig on your head, align it with your natural hairline, and make sure it is highly coincident with your natural hairline. Cut off the lace one by one and pluck the hair from the hairline on the forehead until you look natural.

Step three:

Glue your wig with adhesive, fix it to the hair or wig cap, and then stitch the remaining parts.

Step 4: Add matching texture

The bundled 2-3 hair bundles are stitched on the front of 360 to create a complete braided wig.

Step five: styling your hair

After the 360 sewing work is completed, your 360 lace wig is finished. You can wear a headband on your hair, or you can tie it into a high bun and a ponytail, or you can curl your hair and divide the hair into the look you want.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit



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