How to wear a 360 wig naturally  


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Nothing can make up for or cover up the fact of hair loss more than wearing a wig. People usually think that it is only pathological factors and clinical reasons that make people choose to wear wigs. In fact, it is not. Many people also tend to buy wigs in pursuit of beautiful hairstyles. 360 Wigs Are popular Wigs, how to create a more natural 360 lace wig? Some explanations are given below:


What is a 360 wig

The 360 Lace Wig is a semi-full lace wig, which surrounds the entire head, and the middle is made of non-breakable materials by machine. 360's wig with pre-drawn hairline and primitive human hair looks like it has grown from the scalp.

Sometimes, you need to choose the 360 Lace Front Wigs that matches you according to your face shape. 360 wigs of different textures and lengths will affect different sensory experiences.

Part of the reason for the natural match with 360 wigs is that they know how to place different facial textures.


  • When wearing a wig, if your face is oval, please make sure that the top of your head is flat, because if your hair is not flat, it looks like the top of your head will be higher, which is a bit strange. Although there are no deterministic rules, a smooth wig without frizz and tangles is also a way to improve side points.


  • If you have a long face or your forehead is too wide, you can choose a wig with bangs to shorten your face and look more natural.


  • If your face is rounder. The optimal length of the wig is 20 inches or longer to make the face look longer.


A 360 wig is relatively more expensive than other lace wigs except full lace wigs, but it is very worthwhile for people who are looking for perfect comfort, especially for women who are not comfortable with any extra weft parts around their ears. 360 wigs allow Your entire head feels relaxed and comfortable.If you don’t consider your budget, you just want to get a natural style


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit


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